LED Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

We specialise in fabric-faced LED lightboxes, illuminated with either Edgelit LED strips or Ladder lit lights.

Fabric graphics are ideal for our LED lightboxes allowing for fantastic colour intensity and accuracy.

Our EasyFit fabric is non-reflective, lightweight, ideal for shipping anywhere.

LightBox Depot produces Tuffline® LED frameless lightboxes

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Our Tuffline LED frameless lightboxes are all designed and built to order. These lightbox panels can be arranged to fit virtually any design, shape and size you can imagine, using single or double-sided graphics. The seamless integration of the graphics results in a truly stunning, flexible and lasting finish. Our graphics fit easily into our lightboxes.

Our lightboxes are on display in shopping centres, specialty retailers, corporate interiors, trade show exhibitions, health and medical facilities, as well as art galleries and museums. We manufacture all Tuffline® Lightboxes at our premises in Marrickville, Sydney.

Tuffline Lightbox Extrusion

Here are our extrusions for building lightboxes. Tuffline Single-Sided Lightbox is designed to be hung to walls in POS spaces, exhibition stands, art galleries and they are great for interior office fitouts breathing life into your space.

Single-Sided (SS) extrusion depths are:
50mm only comes in white.
55mm and 80mm are anodized.

Double Sided (DS) extrusion depth is 120mm.

Luminosity comes in at 65mm deep and has an acrylic face.

The select extrusion-based upon your job requirement.
Thinner extrusions are suited to EdgeLit smaller applications. The 80mm is our best-seller,
offering flexibility, size and can be fitted with both EdgeLit LED’s and the bright LadderLit lights.
Custom colours are available upon request.

LED Ladder Lit Vs Edge Lit

Edge lit LED strips are ideal for smaller single-sided lightboxes hung directly to walls. We recommend using a white aluminium composite panel (ACM) where possible. If the box is too large for using ACM panels we suggest painting the wall white to maximize light diffusion. Consideration needs to be given to the location of the power supply and placement of the transformer.

It is important to understand that edgelit lighting can give you hotspots on the edges and tend to become dull in the middle of the box. So we advise using them only on smaller lightboxes.

LED Ladder lightboxes are a True Back lit providing an intense array of even light that results in outstanding bright illumination for displaying beautiful and vibrant graphics. The LED Ladders offer a long life and remain highly energy efficient.

For a superior lightbox, we recommend Tuffline LED Ladder Lit with dye-sublimated fabric graphics.


Dye sublimated fabric graphics

Our dye-sublimated prints are ideal for lightbox graphics, allowing for fantastic colour intensity and accuracy. These high-resolution graphics are easily packed into light weight shipping satchels, ready for despatch and easy install. Our graphics always fit easily into the frame.

Fabric graphics are easy to install or replace by locating the small exterior tab in the corner of the graphic. The graphic has a stitched in silicone strip that is inserted into the extrusion all the way around the edges, begin with the 4 corners and work your way around the frame. It’s easy!