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Tru-backlit fabric lightboxes. The big winner!

We have elevated fabric backlit displays to an artform!
Delivering vibrant colour consistency and photo-realistic images.

Our backlit lightboxes are a combination of smart LEDs with built-in lenses, custom extrusions and fabrics printed using dye sublimation.

Our LED arrays, often referred to as ladder LED’s because they look like a hanging ladder array of lights, are far superior to edge-lit displays that run along the perimeter extrusion and do not produce the same quality and intensity of light.

Why do major brands like AMG Mercedes, Apple, Nike, Country Road, Samsung and TAG Heuer use fabric backlit lightboxes?
They need colour consistency and photo-realistic graphics to comply with corporate guidelines.

Fabric backlit lightboxes are the only way to achieve these goals.

Backlit LED v Edgelit strips

These images show the distribution of backlit LED’s versus the Edgelit LED.

We prefer backlit LEDs over edgelit LEDs because the LED strips that create an array of light behind the entire fabric graphic ensure a strong and evenly distributed light.

Backlit illumination is the big winner!

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