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If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the best way to sell your product. This may entail a marketing team along with a social media team in some cases! While these are both effective selling strategies, another strategy to promote the sales of your product is to get back to the basics.

Today we’ll discuss the “power of lightboxes in the retail environment” and tell you why you should start thinking about them today.

Some of the biggest retail brands in the world are using frameless LED Lightboxes to promote their products; Nespresso, H&M, GAP, Dior, Mercedes and Tesla to name a few.

The reason these big brands are using large frameless fabric lightboxes is because they work, they have done the research, that’s why you’re seeing more large lightboxes in retail environments.

LED Lightboxes. What’s it all about?

Well, we know they are used by some of the top retailers in industries ranging from technology to fashion, did you know that frameless fabric lightboxes are a cost-effective investment that will boost your retail sales? Fabric lightboxes are easy to install and will instantly take the shopping experience to another level.

One of the benefits of fabric lightboxes is that the graphics can be easily interchanged by your instore team, no specialist install teams required, you can rebrand in minutes, this is a major benefit for a lot of retailers.

Shopper experience is becoming more and more important as a growing number of consumers are now shopping online.

Super sized lightboxes create exciting environments that increase dwell time and enhance customer experience.

Overall, a large lightbox is a great way to improve your retail presentation and increase sales, no matter the industry.

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