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Single Sided Extrusion

Single sided lightboxes are the most popular lightbox profile we build and for good reason. Offering great value in the crowded visual environment. They remain a cost-effective way of displaying high impact graphics.

Double Sided Extrusion

Double sided lightboxes can work as active wall dividers, hung from the ceiling or suspended in windows with multi directional impact. They can also incorporated into a wall as a active space divider. Freestanding units with base plate are also available.

Edge Lit LED Lights

Edge Lit lights are mainly used for smaller light boxes 1200mm wide and 2000mm high.

Our Edge Lits LED lights are highly energy efficient lighting uses up to 75% less power than traditional fluorescent lighting systems.


Ladder Lit LED Lights

Ladder Lit LED lighting is used for larger light boxes and is the industry leading back light technology. They are efficient affordable and offer versatile illumination for back lit fabric also allowing units to have a dimmer switch option added.

Tuffline® Single Sided Lightbox

Using Edge Lit LED – Our best seller!

The Tuffline® Single Sided Lightbox is designed to be attached to a wall.

Our single sided fabric LED Lightboxes come with a number of lighting options
which vary in illumination and price. Edge Lit LED lights come standard in our lightboxes.
If brighter illumination is required we have the Ladder Lit LED, which
produces punchy bright vibrent graphic. Read more about this below!

Ladder Lit LED – Boxes for large and bright environments


These lightboxes have superior brightness and even light distribution.

Tuffline Fabric LED Lightboxes Ladder is exactly what its say, a ladder of LED lights, wired together to make for a powerful bright and even light source. Backlit fabric graphics are printed inhouse and are easy to fit!

Tuffline® Fabric LED Lightbox Double Sided

The Tuffline Double Sided Lightbox has graphics on both sides that are illuminated equally. The Lightbox is often bolted to the ground for stability or will have metal base plates. You can also hang from the ceiling using steel cables.

Tuffline®Fabric Freestanding Lightbox

Double sided freestanding units are great for POS displays.
Small units are easy to move around in the retail space.

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