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Looking to transform your retail setting? Our LED lightboxes are the perfect solution. With high-resolution graphics and lightweight design our fabric light box signs are easy to install and replace. They are not only visually stunning but also highly effective in promoting your business. Personalise your lightbox to reflect your branding and messaging, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Get a free quote today!

Our Tuffline LED frameless Lightboxes are all designed and built to order. These ligthboxes can be arranged to fit virtually any design, shape and size you can imagine, using single or double-sided graphics. The seamless integration of the graphics results in a truly stunning, flexible and lasting finish. Our graphics fit easily into our lightboxes.

Our lightboxes are on display in shopping centres, specialty retailers, corporate interiors, trade show exhibitions, health and medical facilities, as well as art galleries and museums. We manufacture all Tuffline Lightboxes at our premises in Marrickville, Sydney.

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Wall mounted lightboxes, our best seller

Fabric-faced LED backlit lightboxes provide retailers with stunning visual displays, vibrant colours and accurate images. Our boxes deliver even lighting and our fabric graphics deliver accurate colour and super easy to installation, make them appealing as retail signage solutions, and also widely used in trade show displays, and interior décor.

The lightweight and easy installation aspects are also significant advantages, as they can save time and effort during setup and make it more convenient for users.

If you have any specific questions or need further information about your product or how to effectively market it, please feel free to ask!

Our Double Sided Lightbox’s

Double-sided lightboxes with evenly illuminated graphics are a versatile, eye-catching display solution that finds applications in various settings, including retail and trade shows.

Used in retail applications and wall dividers, included in the theatre of window display for double impact brand enhancement.

Uses in the trade and exhibition space to maximize messaging and attracting interest


Corner mounted and column lightboxes

Corner lightboxes are made to fit into the corners of rooms or other areas. They are frequently utilised in retail contexts, such as malls, shopping centres and in large open space ideally for advertising or or directional purposes. Corner lightboxes can show graphics, adverts, or artwork, and the material is highlighted by internal illumination.

Column lightboxes are made to be wrapped around un-sightly pillars or structural columns. They fulfil both practical and aesthetic needs. Column lightboxes can show information, directional signs, or promotional material in public places like airports, shopping centres, or big corporate buildings. They can also make the room appear more visually appealing by adorning the usually boring columns with lights and decorative accents.

Freestanding lightboxes

Our Freestanding Pillar Lightbox

Double sided freestanding units are great for POS displays. Small units are easy to move around in the retail space. 1000mm x 1800mm is a great size to start with.

Large size: 1000mm wide x 1800mm high retails for $1999+gst

 Mid size: 850mm wide x 1800mm high retails for $1799+gst

• Retail totem* is 700mm wide x 1400mm high and retails for $1499+gst

* Ideal for shopping centre and retail environments with limited site lines


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High Quality Graphics Technology

Our dye-sublimated prints are ideal for Lightbox graphics, allowing for fantastic colour intensity and accuracy. These high-resolution graphics are easily packed into light weight shipping satchels, ready for despatch and easy install. Our graphics always fit easily into the frame.

Fabric graphics are easy to install or replace by locating the small exterior tab in the corner of the graphic. The graphic has a stitched in silicone strip that is inserted into the extrusion all the way around the edges, begin with the 4 corners and work your way around the frame. It’s easy!

Retail lighbox
Ray bans lightbox
Retail lighbox

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This company is truly exceptional at producing high-quality digital advertising Lightboxes that are both visually stunning and effective in promoting businesses. Their Lightboxes are bright and captivating, with beautiful designs that draw in customers and leave a lasting impression. The company also offers a wide range of customisation options, making it easy for businesses to personalise their Lightboxes and ensure they perfectly reflect their branding and messaging.

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