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This is a common question, below we explain the differences

Our lightboxes are custom-built and specifically designed to have an even and bright light when the correct fabric graphic is installed. This is the only way to deliver enhanced image visibility and vibrancy.

The following lighting engineering is essential in achieving a quality lightbox:

  • LEDs with the correct white point (Kelvin).
  • Equal distance between LEDs both vertically and horizontally.
  • The quality and type of the light-refracting lens on each LED.
  • The distance between the LED and the graphic.
  • The correct fabric weave for the backlit print material.

Whereas boxes with lights simply contain lightbulbs, tubes or uncalibrated LED lighting.
Boxes with Lights can have the following issues:

  • LED spacing is irregular.
  • Patchy in both brightness and colour.
  • Sub-standard or shadowy illumination
  • Short life span of the LED.
  • No warranty.
  • May not comply with Australian Electrical Standards.
    If your client’s brand colours are important to them you need a custom build lightbox from us. We provide a three-year lightbox warranty and you can be comfortable knowing Lightbox Depot complies with Australian electrical standards and will deliver a great product.

We designed and developed our own extrusions in conjunction with specially developed smart LEDs with built in lenses to ensure world class even illumination.
Bespoke extrusions, smart LEDs with built-in lenses and robust power supplies are used in our light boxes. This guarantees even lighting and a superior presentation of graphics and images. Additionally, plug-and-play installation makes these light boxes simple to set up and saves shopfitters time and hassle. Shopfitters can rest easy knowing they are using a dependable lightbox.

Joiner kit

Our proofing room with calibrated test strips

Our fabric graphics are calibrated to the light sources.

Clients hate looking at their imaging with poor colour definition.
This is often seen with imported Lightboxes.

We understand the importance of accurate colour calibration for optimal viewing at and the importance of accurate colour tone and natural greys. Clients expect the images to accurately reflect the brand and corporate guidelines. As a result, our lightboxes are calibrated to the light sources they use, resulting in images that are crisp, vibrant, and true to life. Our imaging is precisely calibrated to ensure that the colours you see on the screen match the original image exactly. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and graphics, so you can be confident that your shop displays will always look great.

What have all these brands got in common ? Nike, Mcdonald‘s, YD, Apple, Country Road, etc. Lightboxes
All of these brands have one thing in common: they all use custom-built lightboxes to create visually stunning displays. Lightboxes hold their brand; these efficient and dependable displays are a powerful language in the retail space. Lightboxes, with their vibrant images and even illumination, make it simple to capture customer’s attention, a beacon of light attracting interest, a reason to visit the store. These companies are just a few that have used lightboxes to create eye-catching visual displays that set them apart from the competition.