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Shopfitter’s favourite LED Lightboxes

Why plug and play makes the day

Our lightboxes are easy to install

Because our lightboxes are easy to install, these dependable plug and play LED lightboxes are becoming a popular choice for shopfitters and retailers alike. With plug and play LED lightboxes, shopfitters and installers can quickly and easily assemble LED light boxes without the need for wiring or specialised tools.

Our lightboxes are generally delivered as sticks in cardboard tubes. We have assembly instructions on our website. Sometimes the smaller lightboxes are already assembled and simply require the hanging rail to be installed and just plug it in! Furthermore, these  LED lightboxes have longer lifespans than traditional light products and use less energy, allowing the retailer to save money on electricity bills. The fabric stretch SEG graphics are easy to instal and quick to replace.
Shopfitters can now quickly install eye-catching lightbox displays and have your products and brands up in lights!
Thanks to plug-and-play LED lightboxes.

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Lightbox Depot will provide detailed installation diagrams and positional layouts to in line with the store planogram. These diagrams clearly outline the placement of lightboxes as well as the distances between each box, allowing them to be positioned optimally for maximum visibility as per the store designers retail layout.

These positional layouts are intended to assist shopfitters in creating aesthetically pleasing displays that look fantastic and maximise the impact of these lightboxes, communicating the visual message and branding to customers.

Our lightboxes are powered by 24Volt Meanwell transformers, which provide a safe and dependable electrical supply. These transformers allow shopfitters to connect their lighting displays to an existing power source without the need for an electrician. Just plug and play!

The use of 24Volt Meanwell transformers also ensures that the lighting is consistent and long-lasting, providing shopfitters with the assurance that their displays are safe and will look great for years to come.

We only use 12v and 24 v lights

  • CE marking and UL listing. CE mark is required for equipment used in Europe and Australia. 
  • UL is a certification indication of rigorous safety testing used in America. 
  • 3-year warranty on our LED strips 
Joiner kit